Wheelchairs are very helpful for the elderly and to physically disabled people in the community. Thus, community facilities like schools, hospital and departments stores are required to have wheelchair friendly ramps for easy mobility and access. Let us know different kinds of ramps and its different functionality. 


This kind of ramp has handles which are best for easy transport. It measures around 2 and 6 feet long and it can manage to support a weight of up to 800 pounds. This is best recommended for residential access and not recommended for commercial spaces due to its small set of steps. This type of ramp is not ADA compliant so it is only good for personal use and not for public use.  


This kind of ramp can be is lightweight and is made of rubber or metal. This is used butt up against door curb.  This measures around ½ inch to 6 inches tall. A threshold ramp can be used inside or outside the doorway. This has also different functions. This ramp is not only used for wheel chairs but also for walkers and scooters.  


This kind of ramp has two narrow channels. These separate channels measure narrower around 12 inches each. They can be both extended and retracted to achieve the desired height. In order to assist wheelchairs, the channels are put side by side and aligned with the wheels. These wheelchair ramps Long Island are used best to access vans and other large vehicles. Telescoping ramps are not recommended for mobile scooters because its wheels do not align with each other. 


This kind of ramp can be bi-fold or tri-fold. Its panels are hinged with each other. A bi-fold or two panels folding ramp is only folded once while a tri-fold or four panels folding ramp has three folds. This kind of ramp is not ADA compliant because it does not have any hand rails. This is only recommended for personal use like access in vans, stairs or doorsteps.  


This kind of ramp can be made of different materials. You can either choose from wood or concrete. Since these are permanent, it can no longer be moved or adjusted form one place to another. Permanent ramps need building permit when installed and it should be built on site. Unlike other ramps, the installation and construction take time. Permanent ramps are code compliant.  


This kind of ramp is large in size and usually a permanent fixture in buildings. This ramp is also detachable, so it does not need a building permit when installed since it can be reassembled and transfer anytime in another place. This is made of aluminum. Modular ramps are ideal for outdoor and commercial use. It is also rust and warp resistant. Out of the other ramps discussed, modular ramps are cost-effective, durable and ADA compliant for personal and industrial use.  

Ramps differ in size and function. Thus, before deciding what kind or ramp to use, always check where and who will use it as poorly done or inappropriate ramps could lead to difficult access or worst unwanted accidents.